The mission of Peaceful Schools NC is to empower schools to create and sustain their own healthy learning environments. Working with teachers, administrators, staff, students, and parents, Peaceful Schools works to support a healthy school climate in which all students can thrive socially and academically; the effects of which will positively impact families, local communities, society, and the world.

“Unless students feel safe in school, feel a sense of belonging, and feel valued in the learning process, it is unlikely we will see student’s perform anywhere close to their potential” –Preble & Gordon, 2011.  


We all want children to attend schools where they feel safe so they can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  Peaceful Schools, NC builds awareness and offers resources to help schools actively create and sustain a positive school climate. Through an individualized approach, PSNC offers consultation, professional development, and ongoing resources for teachers, administrators, students, staff and parents.  Schools are social systems in which each of us contributes to the overall health and social climate of the learning environment. Through conflict resolution, restorative discipline practice, diversity awareness and the arts, participants learn to implement child-centered school environments for maximum academic, social and emotional growth.