Rehearsal for Life

Rehearsal for Life, adapted from Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, invites students to practice a range of solutions to the authentic conflicts with which they are struggling. In this theater-based system, we work towards a technique called Forum Theater, in which students use skits, movement, and drama to work through life’s toughest moments.

In this Facilitators Training, you will Develop the Following Skills:

  • Creating a safe “container” within the group so that all participants can share ideas openly and authentically.
  • Facilitating Forum Theater, including the creation of skits based on authentic life experiences and enabling the audience to step into the skit to practice strategies for solving conflict.
  • Using a technique called Image Theater, you will learn how to communicate an idea through a static sculpture, rather than verbal communication.  The result can be striking and open pathways for connections among the group.
  • Breaking down a conflict into various “slices” of experience.  What are the voices and emotions we respond to in a conflict?  How do they influence us?  For this portion, we will focus on a technique called Rainbow of Desire.