We all want children to attend schools where they feel safe so they can learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Since 2009, we have offered workshops for teachers, administrators, parents, students and others who want to create safe school environments that are conducive to learning.  Participants learn to implement child-centered school environments for maximum academic, social and emotional growth.

Peaceful Schools NC is a school climate initiative of Carolina Friends School. After listening to the specific needs of a school community, we offer resources to help schools actively create and sustain a positive school climate. Through an individualized approach, PSNC offers consultation, professional development, and ongoing resources for teachers, administrators, students, staff and parents.

What are the systems that support Peaceful Schools work taking place?

  • Common language for positive school culture
  • Student voice and ownership of their agreements and responsibilities
  • Proactive teaching and classroom management
  • Clear, consistent systems for defining expectations and addressing issues when they arise
  • Intentional time in the school day for building classroom community

What are the elements of a Peaceful School?

  • All aboard:  Administration, teachers, students, parents, bus drivers, coaches…ALL aboard.
  • Focus on positive relationships and social-emotional growth
  • Conflict is embraced as an opportunity for growth and understanding

What are the benefits of a Peaceful School?

  • Culture of the school feels positive, collaborative, and is a safe place to thrive
  • Healthy development of relationships between staff and teachers
  • Evidence of student ownership in their learning
  • Created conditions for students to thrive academically
  • Students are empowered and feel capable of having courageous conversations
  • Resilience among students and teachers when addressing the challenges we face in schools

How do we get started?

Email us at peacefulschoolsnc@gmail.com to set up a free two-hour consult with your school.  We are not a standardized approach or curriculum.  As educators, we know that each school is unique and so our approach is to work with your schools’ specific needs and culture.